If you're looking for a hybrid vehicle that features the latest technology and a modern style, then consider the Toyota Prius. Even though there have been few changes in the design of the Prius, the interior is still comfortable for the driver and the passengers with an exceptional amount of legroom and headspace. While driving in Fresno, CA, you'll usually see fuel mileage ranging around 50 mph due to the hybrid design. This means that you'll be able to save money each month when you fill your car.

Safety features abound in the Prius including a backup camera and an alert for lane departure. When you visit Michael Toyota, you can discuss some of the options that can be included to enhance the safety of the vehicle including brighter lights to allow for better vision at night. The controls in the vehicle are easy to find and operate, such as the controls for the heater and air conditioner and the radio. Getting in and out of the car is fairly easy as well for the overall size of the car as the doors do open a bit wider than cars of similar styles.

If you have a lot of cargo that you carry around, you'll enjoy the exceptional amount of cargo space in the Toyota Prius. The back seats also make it a bit easier to store larger items since they fold in a 60/40 design. An infotainment system features Bluetooth, USB ports, and four speakers to give you optimal listening capabilities. Steering in the Prius is exceptional as well as it seems to glide around curves and allows for making turns as easy as possible. You'll also feel secure due to the sturdy suspension and handling instead of feeling as though the vehicle is loose on the road when you're driving.

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