Anyone purchasing a Toyota knows the vehicle comes with reliability and quality manufacturing. The company puts a lot of effort into making sure customers are happy with what comes from the factory. Toyota owners do need to take care of the cars to make sure they continue to run reliably. The team at Michael Toyota in Fresno can help by providing requested routine service.

Routine care extends the life of a vehicle and improves its performance. The owner's manual suggests when to bring your Toyota to our location at Fresno for specific work. Whether minor maintenance or major repairs, our team can do the job expertly. Here are three examples of the most common routine maintenance to take.

Oil Changes

An oil change ensures the freshest lubricant runs through the engine and its parts. A technician will help you choose the right oil and make suggestions for air filter changes or engine cleanings.

Brake Inspection

Keeping brakes in good shape supports safety. A full brake inspection becomes necessary to figure out the system's current condition. If it turns out the brakes need work, a technician will perform the required repair or replacement service.

Tire Service

Tires wear down from use and age, so it is essential to check the treads, sidewall, air pressure, and more. We do all of that and more, including repairs and rotations. Allow us to help you choose new tires or switch out seasonal ones.

Other Services in Fresno

Our team assists with various services, such as battery checks, coolant exchanges, wiper blade replacement, belt inspections, and the like. Ask about multi-point inspections, as the examinations may be well worth the investment.

Specializing in Toyota Maintenance at Michael Toyota

We do specialize in caring for Toyota vehicles. Our technicians work on these makes and models all the time. When you want specialty care, our dealership in Fresno is the place to go. Booking an appointment is easy. Call to schedule one or book online. Let us know how we can care for your Toyota today!

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