If you're interested in upgrading your car and you're examining the Toyota family; your eyes may lock on the new Toyota Corolla. Over the years, the Toyota Corolla has experienced multiple redesigns that have boldened its exterior styling and improved its overall performance. When you shop our new inventory at Michael Toyota of Fresno, you will bump into more than one option for this Toyota sedan. If you want more rear cargo capacity, you can elect the Toyota Corolla hatchback. If you want to take a more eco-friendly avenue, there's the first-ever Toyota Corolla Hybrid.

As you begin to dive into the contents of our new Toyota Corolla inventory, here are the advantages of choosing the hybrid or hatchback version of this well-known Toyota car:

Toyota Corolla Hatchback: Sometimes a sedan doesn't offer enough cargo capacity to support your daily activities. If you've always wanted more, the hatchback version of the Toyota Corolla will provide it. There are two trim levels for the hatchback: SE and XSE. Both options showcase 17.8 cubic-feet of trunk space. Aside from the increased interior capacity, this hatchback brings about a thrilling, sporty drive and excellent amenities.

Toyota Corolla Hybrid: If you want a more efficient mode of travel, try the Toyota Corolla Hybrid LE model. This hybrid delivers a combined fuel economy of 52 mpg, which means your California road trips will be more rewarding than ever. In addition to its hybrid technology, this version of the Toyota Corolla will also have standard Apple CarPlay®, eight-inch touchscreen display, and Toyota Safety Sense™ 2.0.

So, is your goal to gain more storage capacity or achieve better fuel economy? At Michael Toyota of Fresno, our team of Toyota enthusiasts is here to help you reach the conclusion about which Toyota Corolla is right for you. You can see the listings for both cars online and choose a day to test drive one or both in Fresno, CA. With the impressive history backing the Toyota Corolla, what's stopping you from getting behind the wheel? Contact Michael Toyota of Fresno today.

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